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LUPIN & JOFFRE LAKE legging re-launch

Posted by Heidi Denessen on

Picture majestic mountains, crystal clear lakes and evergreen trees beyond where your eyes can see. As snow and ice begin to melt, the ground becomes a blanket of flora and fauna through meadows of wildflowers like the lupin and wireweed. Stillness becomes your friend. Silence is all around. This is Nature’s heaven, Joffre Lakes.

A vast hidden wilderness of snow-capped mountains, alpine meadows and glacier fed lakes makes Joffre Lakes Provincial Park one of the most scenic landscapes in the province of British Columbia. And one of the most noticeable colours you will see around is turquoise, radiating from the three beautiful lakes, Lower, Middle and Upper Joffre. A reflection from the glacier eroded rock flour, the stunning turquoise colour which we now associate with the area makes for a picturesque backdrop in any picture, painting or leggings! Which is why we’ve brought back this striking print for you. 

As if one stunning legging wasn’t enough for you this month, we’ve decided (with your help of course) to bring back in stock the Lupin legging.

She is bold, wild and free. 

You can’t find these ephemeral wildflowers in your local floral shop, only in the alpine of our coastal mountains where you can fully appreciate their beauty. The Lupinus Polyphyllus can be found growing wild along the dramatic sidelines of the Sea to Sky highway, but mostly in the diverse fields higher up in the Garibaldi Mountains. A range of wildflowers can be seen stretching from one field to another, but the lupin stands out because of her bold, blue and purple colours and height which can grow up to 5 feet tall.

First Nations legend tells the story of a suffering tribe going through times of famine and drought, searching for any means of survival. The tribe receives spiritual guidance, that acts of giving and sacrifice are necessary, but no one is able to perform such deeds willingly. As an act of true selflessness and giving, a young girl climbs a steep hill (mountain) to offer her only possession, a precious doll holding the memories she has of her family. In the area where she places her doll, the sky opens up and rain begins to fall and the wildflower lupin springs up in all her glory. And so, says the legend, this is how the lupin came to appear on earth. -- Flower Essence Society

The lupin wildflower can grow in parched and devastated lands showing its resilience and strength when it comes to growth and beauty. Also offering stress relief and calming qualities from its flower essence the lupin truly is a wondrous plant that deserves respect and care when seen in the wild. 

Symbolic of imagination, we can only guess the thoughts going through the minds of those catching a glimpse of the leggings walking by them in all her proud boldness. 

Using the same recycled fabric we always have, to stay inline with our sustainable practices, you will notice something slightly different with this bunch. These new leggings are much bolder with a stronger sense of colour and outline from last years. We feel this is well deserved of these two prints and cannot wait to see them on you in the wild. 

Be Bold. Be Wild. Be Free. 

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