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It Looks Awesome! Now What?

Every tattoo artist has their preferred method of aftercare. The guidelines on this page are not written in stone – if a particular product is not working for you or causing you problems, switch to something that works for your body. Remember, your body is doing the actual healing, not the cleaning products – you’re simply providing a stress free, clean environment so that you heal without complication.'s the artist's job to make sure your tattoo looks amazing when you leave the shop....but it's your responsibility to make it look great for years to come.

Tattoo Care:

  • Remove Bandage after two hours (DO NOT RE-BANDAGE!)
  • Apply Tattoo Goo or any prescribed aftercare product for four days, two to three times a day - just a thin layer...enough to make the tattoo look shiny
  • ALWAYS WASH YOUR HANDS before applying aftercare products
  • Apply non-scented lotion after four days, three times daily for two are some examples of what you can use
    • Lubriderm
    • Aveeno
    • Aloe Vera
  • Here are some examples of what NOT TO USE
    • Vaseline
    • Polysporin
  • Your tattoo may itch and/or flake, DO NOT PICK OR SCRATCH
  • Do not expose tattoo to direct sunlight or tanning bed
  • Do not submerge your tattoo into chlorine or ocean water during healing
  • When showering, avoid having the shower stream directly hit the tattoo...and don't scrub the tattoo during showering
  • TIP:  apply a thin layer of vaseline to the tattoo before showering to protect the tattoo from the water.  Gently wipe off the vaseline after you come out of the shower
  • Your tattoo may look dull of discoloured during healing process
  • Feel free to consult your artist at any time
  • Thank you and enjoy you tattoo!