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The Art of Tattoo

Custom artisan tattoos in the comfort of my super friendly studio in Pemberton, B.C.

Let me create a work of art, just for you.

I am coming to tattooing with 30 years of art experience working as a fine art painter, designer and art teacher. I have always wanted to learn the tools and techniques of tattooing so that I could share my art with you in a new form. I believe art is for everyone, and that it is not just for hanging on your walls. I specialize in local landscapes, creatures and wildflowers in a style that is similar to my fine artwork. I only tattoo original designs that I have drawn myself.

So let's create a beautiful and unique piece that is customized to you.

Here is how the process works:

    1. Initial Consultation to meet (in person or via phone/facetime) and discuss what you would like, where you would like it, and the approximate overall cost of the tattoo. This will depend on the size, complexity and colour of the piece. A $100 deposit is taken after this consultation to secure your spot and to have me begin creating your artwork. Book Your Free Consult Here.
    2. Artwork Creation based on our consultation. I will send you photos of the drawing for you to review. 2 small edits are included.
    3. Tattoo session/sessions & pricing. Join me in my comfortable and private tattoo studio in Pemberton, BC. I want this experience to be special and memorable for you and I strive to make every step fun and easy. Payment for your tattoo will be taken at the end of the session (broken up if there are multiple sessions) and the $100 deposit will be applied to your last payment. For all projects I charge for 1 hour of design time plus the hours of actual tattooing and my rate is $100/hour.

Book your complimentary consultation HERE