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Introducing La La Lavender!

Published May 08 2018 in

La-La Lavender

We bring you our All New printed Leggings and Tennis Club Top set, in collaboration with Bikini Empire, the Queens of the bathing suit world. 

A love affair with retro Palms Springs, where you leave your troubles behind and spend the day sipping cocktails by the pool and dancing the night away under the stars. This pattern will make onlookers wonder what they are seeing, yet only we will truly know... the flowers, the faces and the dreams radiating from these La-La’s. 

This delicate pattern will get noticed, and you’ll want to be so that you can say how good you feel in them and how good you feel about supporting a local, ethical and lasting brand, just like the leggings themselves.

We will be sharing stories in our social media of this fun and sexy collaboration from the design inspiration to the sultry photoshoots taken in a fabulous Palm Springs.

Tag yourself with our leggings in your social media, for the chance to be featured on our page and stories ! #heiditribe


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