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Tiger Lily Has Landed

Posted by Heidi Denessen on

Recycled leggings, made in Canada, printed with the Tiger Lily painting by Heidi Denessen. From Whistler with love.










Today we welcome Spring and equality as day and night share similar lengths in time. A time of rebirth, where we celebrate new beginnings. Today and especially today, we live by the words of Margaret Atwood who once said, “In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt.” So we hiked into the dirt, meandered through forests, crossed raging rivers, and silenced only by Nature's beauty.

People stop in their tracks when they see her. She is vibrantly beautiful… just like you. One of Mothers Nature’s perfect creations when you see her in the wild, majestic, carefree and towering… just like you. Tiger Lily holds her grace and beauty, along with a fiery persona… just like you and she says... I dare you to love me.

Today we bring you the Tiger Lily leggings, signifying strength, resilience, and opulence. The Tiger Lily knows just how good it looks and you will feel this confidence to, once you become at one with this stunning beauty.

Her strengths include:

  • A remedy for a variety of ailments throughout history
  • Strong medicinal use for women during pregnancy
  • Helps in holistic healing and suppressing aggressive tendencies
  • Edible flower buds (taste very much like potatoes. Always be certain before you eat any wild plant!)

Fun facts:

  • There is a fable told that if you smell a Tiger Lily you will get freckles
  • Giving a Tiger Lily to someone you love means a great deal
  • The Tiger Lily is a 9 in numerology which is the number for creative expression
  • A native to Northern and Eastern Asia, from the Chinese mainland to Japan

Legends say that a hermit once helped a wounded tiger by removing an arrow from its injured body. The tiger asked the hermit to preserve their friendship after its death and thus became a beautiful orange flower. When the time came of the hermits passing, the Tiger Lily spread far and wide to search for her friend and thus became a mythical symbol of friendship, although now she is referred to as a symbol of wealth and prosperity.  

We see Tiger Lily as a connection to your own strength, standing tall and firm, physically and mentally. Wear her tall and proud. And we share the words below of the Tiger Lily that remind us of you...

~ Nenna

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