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The New INKPOT Legging - Black is Back Baby!

Posted by Heidi Denessen on

With a wide range of associations, the colour black has been linked with magic, elegance, fashion trends and of course art. As one of the first colours used in many art periods throughout history; Prehistoric cave drawings of animal and human interaction, by the Greeks who developed a sophisticated silhouette painting technique on clay pottery, and masters of Eastern “ink wash painting” where only black ink was used to capture the moment of a scene, black has always been present in art.

New Ink Pot all black Leggings

However, the colour black does come and go in fashion trends. Spring brings pastels and subtle colours, while fall brings a deeper shade of green, orange and those colours associated with nature and the changing of seasons. I'm not looking at the trends however, I am looking for a staple in your wardrobe, a piece that can live throughout the seasons and time. A piece that can be paired with any other item in your wardrobe. The start to your minimalist capsule which can be brought out during any season and mix and matched with your other staple pieces.

Recycled Black Leggings

The birth of Coco Chanel’s LBD (Little Black Dress) brought an easy to wear, simple, yet elegant piece to every woman’s wardrobe, just as the Inkpot Legging will. Printed on the blackest of black recycled fabric, you won’t see any whiteness or fading from this pair. You asked for flattering and I delivered. Smoothing out your bootylicious form, offering shape where needed and showing off a silky flattering finish, the Inkpot Legging is a must for any wardrobe. But you couldn’t possibly imagine that I would leave out colour on a pair of leggings... look for a copper finish of the Heidi logo elegantly placed on the back of this LBL (Little Black Legging). Only you might know that this little piece of subtle shimmer is there, but it will give you that feeling of style and grace and make you hold your head high and confident as you strut your stuff.

New Copper Logo

Ink has been around since before 23rd century BC and made from a mixture of many different sources such as minerals, plants, tar, soot and iron salts. Along with the pen which changed from a single reed straw to a quill, ink helped changed humanity and is regarded as one of our greatest inventions. Although the Inkpot Legging may not be a new invention, I do think it is a game changer!

Recycled Black Leggings with High Waist

With any Heidi piece purchased you are making a difference in our fashion industry. I support slow, local fashion where pieces are created for purpose and made to last. If there’s one staple for your wardrobe this year, this is it!

Made with love and elegance for you.

Xox Heidi

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