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Art Rules: Epoxy Resin to Finish Paintings

Posted by Heidi Denessen on

My new series of paintings has begun and I am enjoying finishing them with ArtResin. ArtResin is a crystal clear glass-like coating I have been applying to my paintings to 'finish them off'. It amplifies the colours and textures and gives them a beautiful lush feel. It's kind of the same idea as framing a painting - it just feels done.
The resin I use is also non-toxic and no VOC. I don't have to use a respirator which is great. It also has strong anti-yellowing properties so will protect the painting for many many years. It is a two part resin that I first measure out depending on the surface size I want it to cover. It needs to be mixed for about 3 minutes and can then be poured onto the painting.
At that point I use a spreader and a brush to evenly coat the surface but carefully make sure that the resin doesn't spill over the edge.
Lastly, I use a small torch to pop all the tiny bubbles that may be in the resin. This is super fun!
Then I leave the painting protected from dust for 24 hrs. After a day voila! It's rock hard, crystal clear and ready to hang.

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