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Art & Design 101: Creating the A/W Collection

Posted by Heidi Denessen on

Summer is in full swing, the kids are out of school and it's about to get really hot here. I love it. It seems nutty to be thinking of anything other than swimming and sunscreen. But the truth is, I am in the middle of creating my AW 15/16 line. It's all snowflakes, steller's jays, whiski jacks, wood piles, mountains, snowy branches and alpen glow. Step inside my sketchbook and check out what's inspiring me, for when the days get shorter. Just click the arrows to look through...

"It always starts with the imagery. What do I want to draw and paint..." "Let the creating begin! Mixed media: pencil, acrylic, oil, pastel. I've never been able to stick to just one. Learn more about Mixed Media  click here" "Now what pieces am I going to design? Leggings, toques, scarves....." "Top it all off with the details. Finishing touches in silk and wool." "I'm looking forward to a season of rich enchanting colours coupled with neutrals and motifs that bring out your inner mountain goddess! Do you have any projects you are working on? Sewing? Cooking? Gardening? Designing? It's all creative, it's all love, so please share below. Enjoy your first official full weekend of summer, with love and gratitude, Heidi. xoxo"
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