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Art & Design 101: Bring a little COMPLIMENTARY COLOUR into your day

Posted: May 22 2015

Complimentary colours are colour couples. They may sit opposite one another on the colour wheel, but when placed side-by-side they create the strongest contrast for those two colours. In other words, they really pop when they are together. Just as with love, when it comes to colour, opposites attract. See what I mean by clicking through the slides.

 "The three main colour couples are Red & Green, Yellow & Purple, Orange & Blue"  "Mother nature does a pretty fine job of pairing them up for us - hello orange and blue!"  "Here I created an under painting in red to compliment the green leaves in this garden. 'A Wild Green Garden at Nita Lake Lodge - Oil on Canvas $699'"  "Next time you get dressed add some zip by throwing on a complimentary coloured accessory like we did here - orange sandals with the blue toned Lupin Skirt. Don't be afraid - colour is fun! 'Lupin Teapot Pencil Skirt $68'"  "Purple and yellow, a match made in heaven. I hope you enjoyed this little creative break in your day. Comment below if ya did or if you have anything to add to the conversation. Have a wonderful end to your week, with love and gratitude, Heidi"
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