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How Good Clothes are Made: Bring a little HEMP into your closet.

Posted: May 07 2015

I am always striving to learn about and use sustainable fabrics in my designs. As it turns out, good old hemp just might be the most eco-friendly fabric out there. Did you know that hemp is rapidly renewable, maturing in 3-4 months?! It also sets itself apart because it requires no chemical pesticides or fertilizers to grow. Hemp fabric is versatile and can be made strong and sturdy or soft and luxurious. Take a look at how hemp goes from farm to closet.

 "It all starts here with the hemp stem and fibres."  "Rough strands are transformed into fluffy clouds of fibre and then woven into fabric."  "Back in my studio I create patterns that will incorporate the hemp fabric."  "If you are looking to freshen up your wardrobe this spring, then consider investing in hemp clothing - you'll love it and boy does it last."  "I hope you enjoyed this little creative break in your day. Comment below if ya did or if you have anything to add to the conversation. Have a wonderful end to your week, with love and gratitude, Heidi."
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  • Posted by Heidi on May 21, 2015

    Glad you enjoyed Isabel! I love learning and seeing how things are made too:)

  • Posted by Isabel Costigan on May 09, 2015

    Fascinating! :)

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