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Arty Movers & Shakers - Give yourself a shot of inspiration with Georgia O'Keeffe

Published Mar 01 2018 in

Introducing painter extraordinaire, Ms. Georgia O'Keeffe (1887-1986) - a lady who danced to the beat of her own drum. She lived in a New Mexican adobe home from 1945 until her death. When first purchased, it was in shambles and so she fixed it up with the help of her friend Maria Chabot. Hello! #aheadofhertime
Take a moment and soak in some of her spectacular Southwestern inspired paintings.
'Light Coming on the Plains l, ll & lll' 1917
'The White Flower' 1932
'Black Mesa Landscape, New Mexico/Out Back of Marie's II' 1930
'Ranchos Church' 1930
'Ram's Head, Blue Morning Glory' 1938
Share the beauty with your friends by clicking on the social media links below. If we can't live with one of these on our wall, at least we can all daydream about it!
'Pelvis IV' 1944
Please leave a comment below if Georgia's work inspires you in any way. Does it bring up a feeling for you?
I think it is serene and strong and just so gorgeous. My own art & design is constantly inspired by other artist's work. 
I hope you enjoyed this little creative break in your day.
Have a wonderful end to your week,
with love and gratitude,


  • Posted by Heidi on May 01, 2015

    Me too Tanja! It would be so fun to drive there….

  • Posted by Tanja on April 30, 2015

    I really really want to travel to New Mexico!!!!!

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