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  • Black Tusk Meadows

    Published Feb 18 2019 in art, New Products, original painting

    One day stands out in my brain as one of the most spectacular days of 2018. A little back story here:


    Last summer was beautiful, then September hit like a Mack truck and along with it came a lot of rain. I remember it clearly because we had just moved into our "tiny home" trailer in late August and were getting acquainted with "small" living with two boys and a dog. For those of you who don't know, we are in the process of building a home in Pemberton, and while we do that we are living in a trailer in Whistler for the year. September was a rude awakening from the lazy warm days of summer (FYI rain on a trailer roof is not the comforting pitter patter of rain on a metal roof, it's a deafening barrage that drove us bonkers, it made it hard to sleep and even hard to talk on the phone!) So when the cool, crisp but blazing sunny days emerged after a soggy start to September, everyone's spirit's lifted.


    My good friends Arran and I committed to getting as many hikes in as possible to take advantage of this incredible fall weather. This particular day we decided to hike up to Garibaldi Lake. We met in the shaded chilly parking lot early in the day, and set off up the fairly steep switchback trail in the heavy dark woods.


    Eventually we emerged into a little more sunshine and a flatter path that leads you to the glittering aqua jewel that is Garibaldi Lake. We found a quiet little beach and peeled off our layers, laying likelizards in the full sun, enjoying our lunch. Across the lake you can see the glaciers coming down to almost touch the shore. It's breathtaking. 

    After lunch we decided to head up a little higher to the alpine and wove our way into Black Tusk Meadows along a beautiful trail, among vibrant golds, reds, and oranges under an electric blue sky. This is where I stopped to take the photo that I painted this painting from. What I remember most is the smell of the autumn alpine air, crisp and bright. I wish I could bottle it. But I guess what makes it so special is that you can't. You have to go there to smell it, and it's always worth the hike. We couldn't go much higher that day as I had to get back to pick up the kids from school. But that just leaves something else for us to explore next year. 

    XO Heidi

  • The Hidden Owl Original Art

    Published Feb 11 2019 in art, original painting

    The inspiration behind my latest releases: The Hidden Owl

    With a true connection through the wisdom of the soul, the majestic owl has many symbolic meanings:

    Intuition - Change - Life Transition - Wisdom - Mystery - Intelligence - Mysticism - Protection - Brilliance - Perspective - Independence - Power

    If you have ever been honored by a visit from an owl know that an amazing gift has been bestowed on you. Animals are usually called on those who share the same energy and we now know the owl is emblematic of a deep connection with wisdom and comes from a place of wholeness.

    XO Heidi

  • Elements & Principles of Art & Design - LINE

    Published Feb 06 2019 in art

    Hi all! I thought I would start sharing some tid bits about 🅰️RT that I thought you might find interesting.

    So many people say that they ‘don’t understand art’ and I want to try to demystify it cause art is here for YOU!

    The elements and principles of art and design are the foundation of art. Honestly, words like ‘elements’ and ‘principles’ make me gloss over with boredom and I can recall clear as day how much I hated learning this stuff in art school.

    But it can be fun! We are talking about paint and scribbles and beautiful compositions for goodness sakes - lets get inspired!

    Here’s the simple breakdown: Elements are like words, and principles are like sentences. Understanding these gives you visual literacy and takes the mystery away. Once you learn these simple bits you can look at a piece of art and describe what you see using a common language. If you have deeper insight into how something was created or built, like a song, a movie or a beautiful building, it will hold more value for you. But that’s not to say you can’t just love a piece of art cause you love it - of course you can! This is just here for you if you are curious to dive a little deeper.

    Once you are familiar with this visual language you might find yourself looking at the world from a new perspective… seeing the elements and principles of art & design as you walk through your day or look through your camera lens.

    The first element we are going to talk about is LINE. Line is a path created by a point moving in space. Different tools make different kinds of lines. Lines can be thin and smooth or wide and rough. Pencils make lines, brushes can make lines, scratching a surface can make a line, planes make lines as they fly across the sky, or a snowboarder can draw a beautiful line as she carves down the hill. Try to find an interesting line in the next photo you take.

    I’ll be back soon to talk about the next element: SHAPE



    Published Nov 01 2018 in art, original painting, sustainable fashion

    I had fun putting this short video together to shine a little light on my creative work flow. Enjoy! Heidi 

    My Process! on Biteable.



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