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Studio Art Class for Teens - Fall 2022
Studio Art Class for Teens - Fall 2022
Studio Art Class for Teens - Fall 2022
Studio Art Class for Teens - Fall 2022
Studio Art Class for Teens - Fall 2022

Studio Art Class for Teens - Fall 2022

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This class is for creative teens of all abilities who wish to develop their artistic knowledge and skills.

Over the 10 sessions students will be guided, step by step, to develop their own art project depending on what their unique artistic interests are. With my help they will be required to create a detailed project plan, relate it to an example in art history, plan the necessary supplies and create a timeline to make the work that fits within the 10 weeks. At the end of the class they will have completed their art piece, acquired new skills related to their medium of choice, learned from one another, and gained an understanding of how their work relates to the world of art!

Examples of projects students may choose are: acrylic landscape painting, charcoal portrait drawing, abstract collage, found object sculpture etc etc. The sky is the limit and I will work with students to make sure they develop an idea they are excited about as long as it is do-able in the time and space we have.

Youth in Grades 8-12 welcome!

Wednesdays 4:30-6pm

@ Heidi's Art Studio in Pemberton. 

October 5th - Dec 14th (excluding Nov 9)

10 Sessions

$299 Early Bird Pricing register by Aug 15th

$340 after Aug 15

*Supplies not included. After the first session when the students have established their project of choice, they will be responsible for gathering the necessary supplies to create their unique art work. I will assist in helping figure out where they can get what they need. The three main resources for traditional art supplies are Small Potatoes in Pemberton, Garibaldi Graphics in Whistler and Opus Art Supplies in North Vancouver (they also offer online ordering and shipping). As each students supplies will be different I can't say what the supplies will cost but an estimate is approx $100/$150 and they will often have paint and brushes left over for future projects. They may of course also use supplies they already have.