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  • How It's Made: Designer Turns Shredded Money Into Upholstery Textiles

    Published Mar 01 2018 in

    I don't know about you guys but I love knowing how something was made.
    It just makes the 'thing' more beautiful, and it gives it personality.
    So when I stumbled on these cool upholstery fabrics made out-of-money I had to share.
    Check out how Rotterdam designer Angela Mathis created these beauties...

  • Art Rules: Why Purple?

    Published Mar 01 2018 in

    Honestly, purple was never a colour I wore much, until over the last few years when I discovered how flattering and fun it can be. Purple found it's magical way into my Mountain Goddess Collection this fall, so I thought I would delve into what makes this colour so unique.

    "Laurie Pressman over at Pantone breaks down all that purple has to offer.
    From wild to mild,
    take a closer look at this versatile hue...
    READ ON"

  • Wrap Yourself in Art

    Published Mar 01 2018 in

    The rain has come, the mornings and evenings are cooling, there is a freshness in the air. Use the arrows on your keyboard to click on through...

    "It's a time of transition - seek the perfect accessory to take you from here to the heart of winter. Wrap the infinity once, twice or three times or tie the Jay square scarf around your neck, on your bag or in your hair" "Inukshuk and Black Tusk Silk Chiffon Infinity Scarf" "Sun Burst Silk Chiffon Infinity Scarf" "Jay Silk Chiffon Square Scarf" "Luxe fabrics, Whistler landscapes, Jay birds, rich blues, white and grey. Soft and relaxed scarves for layering and updating.
    Heidi The Artist"

  • Art Stories: Incredibly Intricate Sculptures Carved from the Tips of Pencils

    Published Mar 01 2018 in

    This guy is totally insane.
    I love it!
    I am always inspired by art that is made from unexpected materials.
    Check out the wonderful work of Bosnian artist
    Jasenko Đorđević

    "Jasenko Đorđević" "Jasenko Đorđević" "Jasenko Đorđević" "Forget drawing with a pencil!
    Have you ever made something new out of something unexpected?
    Let me know in the comments - I would really love to hear.
    Go on and share with your friends on FB or Twitter below - spread some inspiration!
    Read more about Đorđević HERE
    I hope this made you smile.
    Have a wonderful weekend,
    from Whistler with Love,
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