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  • New Collection - Desolation Sound Pencil Skirt

    Published Mar 12 2019 in New Products, sustainable fashion

    We're looking forward to Spring and what better way than releasing a BRAND NEW flattering and extremely comfortable pencil skirt.

    Printed with my painting of the Curme Islands in Desolation Sounds, BC.

    This skirt has a super comfortable waistband and a desirable length which you can play with to bring higher or lower depending on where you like to wear the waist.

    Made in Canada from 88% recycled poly and 12% spandex, sweatshop free. Antibacterial. Odor Resistant. Non-Piling. Breathable. Quick Dry. Wicking.

  • Leggings: Active wear or street style

    Published Feb 28 2019 in Leggings, sustainable fashion

    From yoga to running around town, these unique leggings bridge the gab between active wear and street style.

    Printed with my painting of evergreen trees on a blustery day in Whistler, BC. 

    Compression fit due to the high spandex fabric. These leggings hug in all the right places and suit all kinds of body types. They have been salt water tested and can be worn to protect your legs while surfing. They stand up to the toughest workouts you can throw at them and double as long underwear for your winter sports. You can also dress them up with a flowy top and booties and hit the town. Extremely comfortable high waist won’t dig in or slip down. 

    88% Recycled. Poly 12% spandex. Anti-Bacterial. Odor Resistant. Non-Pilling. Breathable. Quick-dry. Wicking. Machine washable. Proudly Made in Canada, sweatshop free.

  • What are you looking for in Leggings?

    Published Feb 21 2019 in Leggings, slow fashion, sustainable fashion

    Way back before I started making leggings, when it came to shopping for them I was having a hard time finding any that hit all the points I was looking for:

    1. Made in Canada (or locally) 

    2. Made from a sustainable fabric.

    3. Seriously made to last.

    4. Unique.

    5. High waist.

    6. And lastly, I wanted daily lifestyle leggings, ones that weren't too sporty looking (I had those and loved them for the gym) but wanted a cute pair to change into for my day to day happenings.

    So in designing my leggings I made sure I hit all these points. There are all sorts of fancier more tailored clothing that I think is beautiful, but it just doesn't suit my day to day lifestyle. Being a work-from-home mom of two very active boys, and living in a super casual small mountain town, I need clothes that make me feel good and show my personality, but that are practical, comfortable, and VERSATILE!


    I can wear my leggings with a sweater and woolly socks, or with a flowy blouse/tunic, dressier boots, and jewelry. No matter what's going on in my day, I can style my leggings so I'm comfy and appropriately dressed. They even work under my ski pants as long johns. 

    My latest print, the Hidden Owl Leggings are in store now!

  • Waste Not Want Not

    Published Feb 13 2019 in slow fashion, sustainable fashion

    Waste Not Want Not
    My fabric is printed in very small batches and there as almost no waste at all. For instance, with my scarves, the only waste I get from them is a tiny little bit of frayed fabric that is cut off when the edges are being sewn. I never have yards or large chunks of leftover fabric as I am able to use every last bit!
    If you’re not already following these guys, I’d highly recommend it. Educating, collaborating, and helping to sustain a healthier planet 🌎 😊️


    XO Heidi 


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