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  • Quality. Not Quantity.

    Published Mar 13 2019 in slow fashion


    Clothing in the ‘olden days’ was often purchased with the intention it would be worn often, and for many years. Relative to people’s income, clothing was costly. But it was quality, it lasted, and could be repaired. And I would argue that even though individual items cost more, people in the long run spent less because they purchased way fewer items than we do now.

    I wear a wool sweater that my dad bought when he was 18, it has no pills!! I am sure then, he thought he was spending a small fortune but it was worth it! It seems these days clothes are made to sell, sell, sell. Fast fashion is just as it states, FAST. Garment workers endure poor conditions and are rushed to produce with sacrifices being made to the quality and well being of themselves and the garments.

    Clothes are then shipped to brands and put out to sell as quickly as possible to have a fast turn around for the next fashion trend to hit. Every year approximately 100 billion garments are manufactured and it's guesstimated that around 90% is sold, which leaves 10 million pieces of clothing unaccounted for, 'deadstock’ as it's known in fashion. So where does it all go?

    Brands and retailers have said they sell them on to other partners, donate to charity or sadly, the worst outcome, they destroy the unsold, either shredded or incinerated. This has been a well kept secret within the industry.

    Slowly but surely Slow Fashion is now making it's way into the mainstream. Conscious consumers are seeing the effects of fast fashion and know it ain't pretty. Our environment is impacted greatly and nature, animals and people are being sacrificed.

    Dame Vivienne Westwood says it best, “My message is, Buy less, Choose well, Make it last.” I couldn't agree more. She wants the fashion industry to move away from producing so many cheap clothes and for shoppers to buy fewer items, choose them better and make them last.

    It’s quality, not quantity, not landfill.

  • What are you looking for in Leggings?

    Published Feb 21 2019 in Leggings, slow fashion, sustainable fashion

    Way back before I started making leggings, when it came to shopping for them I was having a hard time finding any that hit all the points I was looking for:

    1. Made in Canada (or locally) 

    2. Made from a sustainable fabric.

    3. Seriously made to last.

    4. Unique.

    5. High waist.

    6. And lastly, I wanted daily lifestyle leggings, ones that weren't too sporty looking (I had those and loved them for the gym) but wanted a cute pair to change into for my day to day happenings.

    So in designing my leggings I made sure I hit all these points. There are all sorts of fancier more tailored clothing that I think is beautiful, but it just doesn't suit my day to day lifestyle. Being a work-from-home mom of two very active boys, and living in a super casual small mountain town, I need clothes that make me feel good and show my personality, but that are practical, comfortable, and VERSATILE!


    I can wear my leggings with a sweater and woolly socks, or with a flowy blouse/tunic, dressier boots, and jewelry. No matter what's going on in my day, I can style my leggings so I'm comfy and appropriately dressed. They even work under my ski pants as long johns. 

    My latest print, the Hidden Owl Leggings are in store now!

  • Waste Not Want Not

    Published Feb 13 2019 in slow fashion, sustainable fashion

    Waste Not Want Not
    My fabric is printed in very small batches and there as almost no waste at all. For instance, with my scarves, the only waste I get from them is a tiny little bit of frayed fabric that is cut off when the edges are being sewn. I never have yards or large chunks of leftover fabric as I am able to use every last bit!
    If you’re not already following these guys, I’d highly recommend it. Educating, collaborating, and helping to sustain a healthier planet 🌎 😊️


    XO Heidi 


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