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  • New Collection - Desolation Sound Pencil Skirt

    Published Mar 12 2019 in New Products, sustainable fashion

    We're looking forward to Spring and what better way than releasing a BRAND NEW flattering and extremely comfortable pencil skirt.

    Printed with my painting of the Curme Islands in Desolation Sounds, BC.

    This skirt has a super comfortable waistband and a desirable length which you can play with to bring higher or lower depending on where you like to wear the waist.

    Made in Canada from 88% recycled poly and 12% spandex, sweatshop free. Antibacterial. Odor Resistant. Non-Piling. Breathable. Quick Dry. Wicking.

  • Black Tusk Meadows

    Published Feb 18 2019 in art, New Products, original painting

    One day stands out in my brain as one of the most spectacular days of 2018. A little back story here:


    Last summer was beautiful, then September hit like a Mack truck and along with it came a lot of rain. I remember it clearly because we had just moved into our "tiny home" trailer in late August and were getting acquainted with "small" living with two boys and a dog. For those of you who don't know, we are in the process of building a home in Pemberton, and while we do that we are living in a trailer in Whistler for the year. September was a rude awakening from the lazy warm days of summer (FYI rain on a trailer roof is not the comforting pitter patter of rain on a metal roof, it's a deafening barrage that drove us bonkers, it made it hard to sleep and even hard to talk on the phone!) So when the cool, crisp but blazing sunny days emerged after a soggy start to September, everyone's spirit's lifted.


    My good friends Arran and I committed to getting as many hikes in as possible to take advantage of this incredible fall weather. This particular day we decided to hike up to Garibaldi Lake. We met in the shaded chilly parking lot early in the day, and set off up the fairly steep switchback trail in the heavy dark woods.


    Eventually we emerged into a little more sunshine and a flatter path that leads you to the glittering aqua jewel that is Garibaldi Lake. We found a quiet little beach and peeled off our layers, laying likelizards in the full sun, enjoying our lunch. Across the lake you can see the glaciers coming down to almost touch the shore. It's breathtaking. 

    After lunch we decided to head up a little higher to the alpine and wove our way into Black Tusk Meadows along a beautiful trail, among vibrant golds, reds, and oranges under an electric blue sky. This is where I stopped to take the photo that I painted this painting from. What I remember most is the smell of the autumn alpine air, crisp and bright. I wish I could bottle it. But I guess what makes it so special is that you can't. You have to go there to smell it, and it's always worth the hike. We couldn't go much higher that day as I had to get back to pick up the kids from school. But that just leaves something else for us to explore next year. 

    XO Heidi

  • A Legging for the Goddess in you

    Published Feb 05 2019 in Leggings, New Products

    Owls are a mystical and beautiful creature and it’s no wonder that the Goddess Athena held owls sacred in her time. As the Goddess of wisdom and strategy just as the owl spirit, her traits of honour and courage were bathed in femininity and womanhood like the Hidden Owl Legging. Taken from my original painting of The Hidden Owl, the design can be seen on my newest legging release as well as the latest Pom Pom toque and scarf from my 2019 Winter Collection.

    Hidden Owl Leggings

    With a true connection through the wisdom of the soul, the majestic owl has many symbolic meanings:

    • Intuition, ability to see what others do not see
    • Change and life transition
    • Wisdom
    • Mystery
    • Intelligence
    • Mysticism
    • Protection
    • Brilliance
    • Perspective
    • Intuition
    • Independence
    • Power

    Hidden Owl Cotton Scarf

    If you are not yet intrigued by this mystical beauty, read on…

    There are countless superstitions and myths surrounding the owl, but they continue to be a source of wisdom, spirituality and intellect. Among First Nations symbolism the owl represents wisdom, foresight and the keeper of sacred knowledge. The Squamish Lil’Wat Cultural Centre tells us, “the Owl is a great foreteller of weather conditions and can be observed to identify changes in environment. Owls are a reminder to take care with your actions, to think of the future and to love your family. They can be identified in Pacific Northwest Coast First Nations art by their large forward-facing eyes and ear-holes, a small curved beak, a flat face with a conspicuous circle of feathers around each eye”.

    If you have ever been honored by a visit from an owl, know that an amazing gift has been bestowed on you. Animals are usually called on those who share the same energy and we now know the owl is emblematic of a deep connection with wisdom and comes from a place of wholeness.

    * I am proud to donate a percentage of sales to the Squamish Lil’Wat Cultural Centre here in Whistler to support our cultural knowledge to inspire understanding and respect amongst all people. A place where mountains, rivers and people meet, Whistler and the SLCC embodies the spirit of partnership between two unique Nations who wish to preserve, grow and share our traditional cultures.

  • The New INKPOT Legging - Black is Back Baby!

    Published Oct 09 2018 in art, Leggings, New Products, sustainable fashion

    With a wide range of associations, the colour black has been linked with magic, elegance, fashion trends and of course art. As one of the first colours used in many art periods throughout history; Prehistoric cave drawings of animal and human interaction, by the Greeks who developed a sophisticated silhouette painting technique on clay pottery, and masters of Eastern “ink wash painting” where only black ink was used to capture the moment of a scene, black has always been present in art.

    New Ink Pot all black Leggings

    However, the colour black does come and go in fashion trends. Spring brings pastels and subtle colours, while fall brings a deeper shade of green, orange and those colours associated with nature and the changing of seasons. I'm not looking at the trends however, I am looking for a staple in your wardrobe, a piece that can live throughout the seasons and time. A piece that can be paired with any other item in your wardrobe. The start to your minimalist capsule which can be brought out during any season and mix and matched with your other staple pieces.

    Recycled Black Leggings

    The birth of Coco Chanel’s LBD (Little Black Dress) brought an easy to wear, simple, yet elegant piece to every woman’s wardrobe, just as the Inkpot Legging will. Printed on the blackest of black recycled fabric, you won’t see any whiteness or fading from this pair. You asked for flattering and I delivered. Smoothing out your bootylicious form, offering shape where needed and showing off a silky flattering finish, the Inkpot Legging is a must for any wardrobe. But you couldn’t possibly imagine that I would leave out colour on a pair of leggings... look for a copper finish of the Heidi logo elegantly placed on the back of this LBL (Little Black Legging). Only you might know that this little piece of subtle shimmer is there, but it will give you that feeling of style and grace and make you hold your head high and confident as you strut your stuff.

    New Copper Logo

    Ink has been around since before 23rd century BC and made from a mixture of many different sources such as minerals, plants, tar, soot and iron salts. Along with the pen which changed from a single reed straw to a quill, ink helped changed humanity and is regarded as one of our greatest inventions. Although the Inkpot Legging may not be a new invention, I do think it is a game changer!

    Recycled Black Leggings with High Waist

    With any Heidi piece purchased you are making a difference in our fashion industry. I support slow, local fashion where pieces are created for purpose and made to last. If there’s one staple for your wardrobe this year, this is it!

    Made with love and elegance for you.

    Xox Heidi


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